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Project Cooperation
 Industry Application  
1Biomass power generation 
2Glass kiln waste heat power generation 
3Cement kiln low temperature waste heat power generation 
4Waste heat recovery from electric smelting furnace 
5Ore hot stove afterheat electricity generation 
6CDQ Waste Heat Power Gengeration 
7Sintering Flue Gas Waste Heat Power Generation 
8Steel Converter Waste Heat Power Generation 
9Blast-furnace Gas Power Generation Project 
10Blast Furnace Excess Pressure Power Generation 
 Project Performance  
   Cement kiln low temperature waste heat power generation   

Cement kiln low temperature waste heat power generation

Cement industry is a high energy-consuming industry¡£The heat with effective use only covers about 52% overall heat consumption in the process of each kilogram clinker sintered by means of new type dry process¡£The rest large amout of heat discharges dispersely into the air from the cement kiln in the form of sensible heat,which not only wastes energy seriously but also produces environmental pollution¡£By scientific¡¢strict¡¢overall analysis for the production conditions and the heat balance of the cement plant£¬according to the specific characteristics of production technology and factory layout£¬we can tailor to customers matching waste heat power generation system so as to reuse the waste heat diacharged into the air originally for production with the purpose of energy saving and emission reduction¡¢synergia¡£

¡¡¡¡ Waste flue gas emissions from cement kiln mainly concentrated in exhaust emissions from kiln head cooling machine and kiln end preheat machine¡£A clinker cooling machine waste heat boiler£¨AQC for short£©makes use of the waste heat less than 400°C from cement kiln head clinker cooling machine and a kiln end preheat machine waste heat boiler£¨SP for short£©makes use of the waste heat less than 350°C from kiln end preheat machine¡£The two boiler set a steam turbine and the superheated steam is sent to the steam turbine to expand to do work¡£The heat energy is converted to mechanical for power generation¡£

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