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Project Cooperation
 Industry Application  
1Biomass power generation 
2Glass kiln waste heat power generation 
3Cement kiln low temperature waste heat power generation 
4Waste heat recovery from electric smelting furnace 
5Ore hot stove afterheat electricity generation 
6CDQ Waste Heat Power Gengeration 
7Sintering Flue Gas Waste Heat Power Generation 
8Steel Converter Waste Heat Power Generation 
9Blast-furnace Gas Power Generation Project 
10Blast Furnace Excess Pressure Power Generation 
 Project Performance  
   Sintering Flue Gas Waste Heat Power Generation   

Sintering Flue Gas Waste Heat Power Generation

Sinter is main raw material of the blast furnace ironmaking¡£In order to ensure the quality of sinter and operation safety of conveying equipment£¬cold air should be drumed from the bottom of sinter material layer by cooling machine so as to force the sinter cooling¡£
There is two ways of the waste heat recycle£ºone kind is dynamic utilization£¬namely converting the waste heat to electricity or mechanical energy£»the other kind is thermal utilization£¬namely Using waste heat to preheat air£¬dry products£¬supply hot water or steam as well as heating and refrigeration,etc¡£At present£¬waste heat recovery of domestic sintering cooling machine typically use the thermal utilization£¬mainly including£»returns the flue gas to the sintering material layer for combustion air;preheat combustion air as combustion wind of ignition furnace£»go into secondary mixing machine or preheat mixture in front of ignition furnace£»generate steam through the waste heat boiler or heat pipe technology and send to pipenetwork¡£From the view of effectiveness and economy of energy utilization£¬it is the most effective waste heat recovery to generate with waste heat or directly drive machinery as dynamic¡£

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