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Project Cooperation
 Industry Application  
1Biomass power generation 
2Glass kiln waste heat power generation 
3Cement kiln low temperature waste heat power generation 
4Waste heat recovery from electric smelting furnace 
5Ore hot stove afterheat electricity generation 
6CDQ Waste Heat Power Gengeration 
7Sintering Flue Gas Waste Heat Power Generation 
8Steel Converter Waste Heat Power Generation 
9Blast-furnace Gas Power Generation Project 
10Blast Furnace Excess Pressure Power Generation 
 Project Performance  
   Steel Converter Waste Heat Power Generation   

Steel Converter Waste Heat Power Generation

Converter steelmaking is an important link in the process of iron &steel smelting。By physical heating of liquid pig iron in the converter and components in the pig iron react chemical reaction with oxygen sent into the converter to achieve the purpose of carbon and harmful impurities content reductionwhich makes the metal reach the requirement of composition and temperature for tapping demand。By energy storage and steady flow system it can be turned into vapor steam which is continuous and parameters fluctuate is quite placidthen the steam turbine generates with the steam。Waste heat is fully recycled on the premise that it has no influence on steelmaking and technology。

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