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Project Cooperation
 Industry Application  
1Biomass power generation 
2Glass kiln waste heat power generation 
3Cement kiln low temperature waste heat power generation 
4Waste heat recovery from electric smelting furnace 
5Ore hot stove afterheat electricity generation 
6CDQ Waste Heat Power Gengeration 
7Sintering Flue Gas Waste Heat Power Generation 
8Steel Converter Waste Heat Power Generation 
9Blast-furnace Gas Power Generation Project 
10Blast Furnace Excess Pressure Power Generation 
 Project Performance  
   Blast-furnace Gas Power Generation Project   

Blast-furnace Gas Power Generation Project

Gas is delivered into the boiler burner with the pressurized gas by the gas booster fan, in the order to be combusted in the furnace, make sure the boiler can produce can produce the high-quality superheated steam so that the turbine will work after steam expansion. Exhaust steam will condenses into the water after the condenser cooling, the condensed water will be delivered into the boiler again after oxygen pressure and boiler feed pump. In the end, the steam turbine will deliver the power to the generator and then convert to the power machinery so that into the national electric net.


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