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Project Cooperation
 Industry Application  
1Biomass power generation 
2Glass kiln waste heat power generation 
3Cement kiln low temperature waste heat power generation 
4Waste heat recovery from electric smelting furnace 
5Ore hot stove afterheat electricity generation 
6CDQ Waste Heat Power Gengeration 
7Sintering Flue Gas Waste Heat Power Generation 
8Steel Converter Waste Heat Power Generation 
9Blast-furnace Gas Power Generation Project 
10Blast Furnace Excess Pressure Power Generation 
 Project Performance  
   Blast Furnace Excess Pressure Power Generation   

Blast Furnace Excess Pressure Power Generation

Blast Furnace top Gas Recovery Turbine Unit£¨i.e.TRT£©takes advantange of the pressure energy and heat energy possessed by blast furnace top gas-secondary product in blast furnace process so that the coal gas does work by Turbine Expansion Engine to convert itself into mechanical energy¡£The energy drives the generator or other device¡£Now it is as a green product for energy conservation and emission reduction as what the CDM advocates¡£

¡¡¡¡The coal gas produced by the blast furnace enters the TRT by gravitational precipitator(Part of the process is circular seam)¡£It passes through speed control alve£¨parallel entrance electric butterfly alve£©£¬entrance slider damper£¬goes by gas flow meter¡¢fast cut alve£¬then it does work by turbine expanding to drive the generator into power generation¡£The coal gas from the turbine enters into low-pressure pipe network and parallels with reducing alve group of the coal gas system¡£¡¡

¡¡¡¡Generator outlet circuit breaker£¬which is connected to 10.5 or 6.3 KV system busbar,is linked to power grid through local substation.when TRT is running£¬generator transmits to the grid¡£While blast furnace damps down for short time£¬the generator makes electric-driven running without stepout¡£

¡¡¡¡TRT device consists of eight systems such as turbine host,large valve system£¬lubricating oil system£¬hydraulic oil system£¬water supply and drainage system£¬nitrogen sealing systems,high and low distribution system£¬automatic control system and two optional systems including corrosion scaleinhibition and remote online¡£

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